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AWS NACL vs Security Group difference

¿Cual es la diferencia?

  1. Network Access control lists are applicable at the subnet level, so any instance in the subnet with an associated NACL will follow rules of NACL. That's not the case with security groups, security groups has to be assigned explicitly to the instance.
  2. By default your default vpc, will have a default Network Access Control List which would allow all traffic , both inbound and outbound. If you want to restrict access at subnet level it's a good practice to create a custom NACL and edit it with the rules of your choice and while editing you could also edit subnet associations , where you associate a subnet with this custom NACL, now any instance in this subnet will start following NACL rules
  3. NACLs are stateless unlike security groups. Security groups are statefull ,if you add an inbound rule say for port 80, it is automatically allowed out, meaning outbound rule for that particular port need not be explicitly added. But in NACLs you need to provide explicit inbound and outbound rules
  4. In security groups you cannot deny traffic from a particular instance, by default everything is denied. You can set rules only to allow. Where as in NACLs you can set rules both to deny and allow. There by denying and allowing only the instances of your choice. You get to take more granular decisions.
  5. Security groups evaluate all the rules in them before allowing a traffic . NACLs do it in the number order, from top to bottom like, if your rule #0 says allow all HTTP traffic and your rule #100 says don't allow HTTP traffic from ip address , it's will not be able to deny the traffic, because rule #0 has already allowed traffic. So it's good practice to have your deny rules first in NACL and followed by allow rules. AWS best practice is to number your rules in increment of 100s in NACL. By deny rules first I mean, specifying narrow deny rules, like for specific ports only. And then write your allow rules.

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