среда, 19 июня 2019 г.

Kubernetes - Drain, Uncordon, Delete Nodes

How to get out a node from a cluster for a maintenance ?

See which pods are running on which nodes:
kubectl get pods -o wide
Evict the pods on a node:
kubectl drain [node_name] --ignore-daemonsets
Watch as the node changes status:
kubectl get nodes -w
Schedule pods to the node after maintenance is complete:
kubectl uncordon [node_name]
Remove a node from the cluster:
kubectl delete node [node_name]
Generate a new token:
sudo kubeadm token generate
List the tokens:
sudo kubeadm token list
Print the kubeadm join command to join a node to the cluster:
sudo kubeadm token create [token_name] --ttl 2h --print-join-command

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