вторник, 15 февраля 2022 г.

DevOps Speech


An example of DevOps Speech


I am 13 years in IT.

For the last 7 years in Cloud Engineering, DevOps, Automations

I worked with major cloud providers: AWS, GCP, Azure

I worked on projects like:

- Build infrastructure from scratch, Design, Implementation, Maintenance

- Migration from on-prep to cloud

On building infrastructure I used Infrastructure as Code with Terraform - writing modules, upgrading, importing, troubleshooting, pipeline integrations.

Used Ansible as configuration management tool

On CICD Part I used Jenkins with Groovy - Pipeline as a code.

Worked with Kubernetes - deployed EKS, ECS, GKE clusters with Terraform.

Built pipelines to delivery the code to Kubernetes, deploying new services and updating existing microservices.

On SRE part I setup monitoring with Datadog, deployed and setup Elastic Stack, Grafana, Prometheus.

I do coding on daily basis on Python, Bash, PowerShell - automating processes

That's it shortly.

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